This is a journal I will be keeping to document my experiences, both successful and unsuccessful, in beekeeping. This will be my first year, 2011, keeping bees. We'll see how it goes. I will be keeping bees naturally, letting them build on foundationless frames, and without medication. This is also my first blog I have ever done and I am by no means a journalist or English major. So, if you see grammatical errors of any and all kinds don't be surprised. The looks of things on the blog will probably change several times before I come up with something that I like.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Getting Started Building the Hive(s)

Over the past winter I have been working on building the hives from scratch.  What an experience that was.   I think for future supers I will just purchase them locally,
or do rabetted joints instead of finger joints.

I had not made the bottom boards at this point.

 I finally made the bottom board.


  1. I did build these. They were all made from 1x8 boards. Except for the bottom boards which where 2x4's and 1x4's.