This is a journal I will be keeping to document my experiences, both successful and unsuccessful, in beekeeping. This will be my first year, 2011, keeping bees. We'll see how it goes. I will be keeping bees naturally, letting them build on foundationless frames, and without medication. This is also my first blog I have ever done and I am by no means a journalist or English major. So, if you see grammatical errors of any and all kinds don't be surprised. The looks of things on the blog will probably change several times before I come up with something that I like.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ending out the year!

My how time flies.  My last post was about the same thing, not posting for a while. 
I have been very busy this past bee season.  I received several swarm calls and quite a few removals.  That quite a change from last years season.  My name finally got out there via word of mouth, advertising, and handing out business cards.

I had stated in a previous post that I may start posting some videos.  Well....I have started making them of the swarm catches and removals and posting them on Youtube.

My channel is jmblakeney1 , if anyone wants to subscribe, feel free.

Here are a few of vids taken this past spring and summer.

This one was extremely fun.  It was my second one and I got to do it with Aiden. 

I was referred to this swarm by word of mouth.  Fun little swarm catch.

Here is my first removal.  The building was going to be burnt down the following month.

This one is on another channel but Aiden and I were along for the fun.
I wasn't able to participate in this one too much, I had just had knee
surgery.  I still went along for the fun though.

Another cutout from a house that was still under construction.
I had to wear a jacket because I was going to be in a wedding the next day
and I was specifically told to not show up with a swollen eye or face, haha.
I had as many as ten hives this season.  Two really big hives, five normal size, and three nucs.  All, except for one, was from swarm calls and removals.  

The two larger hives produces two supers worth of excess honey this year.  I got my first honey harvest mid summer.  The two hives gave me slightly more the five gallons of sweet liquid gold. 

Until next time, thanks for reading